Building Art Beyond the Concept of Food

Art+Food+Experiment+Society.LLC. is the first company to develop a new language of Visual Art-Food communication, establishing a new link between the culinary arts and the visual arts with consistency and manner. The main mission of this company is to create a substantial economic platform through the development of a new form of entertainment, as well as developing a new way of reflection in the society through creativity, philosophy, food, the perception and pleasure, with the fundamental idea of creating new definitions of aesthetic value and social value in today's consumer society.

How is this company impacting the local community in a new and unique way?

This company will establish a new form of reflection on our society. This concept will create new values that only art can create in our community. The new way of reflection through the Art-Food-Performance will articulate a new language of cultural value that will help all of us to understand better the essential contribution that the arts make to our lives.

Who is our customer?

One audience interested in enjoying a new artistic multisensory experience. Where Art, Food and reflection, will be the most important in the development of a new language of expression and communication. 

What is the problem you are solving?

This new concept will be questioning the differences between physiological needs (food) and self-actualization (art). This will elevate the visual arts and culinary arts to a new evolutionary context in today's society. This will open a new door into a global criticism, exposing Art and Food as Expression and Communication.

What is our solution to this problem?

Expand AFES (Art-Food-Experiment-Society) as concept of Philosophy; to open AFS (Art-Food-Studio) in the community and create a new perception of critical thought inspired by the Art-Food-Performance, the reflection, the experience, to simultaneously stimulate the sense as well as the intellect. 
Experiment with new aesthetic horizons of a new manner of creating expression and communication; based in philosophy, creativity, pleasure, interaction and reflection.

We build art beyond the concept of food, a new way of reflection with the fundamental idea of create new definitions of social value in today's consumer society.